Referral Forms

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To refer a patient to SO+GI Scan, the below referral forms can be used.  These can be printed and completed on paper, or they can be filled out online then printed or saved and emailed to

Most patients will require the General Referral Form.  Please specify the scan, procedure and/or genetic counselling required, and the reason for the referral. 

The NIPT Referral Form is for those patients who require NIPT at SO+GI Scan. NIPT is done in conjunction with either a dating scan at 10+3 weeks, an NT scan at 12+3 – 13+5 weeks with the possibility of pre-eclampsia screening, after a high risk CFTS elsewhere, or after a scan finding or for reassurance. NIPT consultations will also include a discussion with a genetic counsellor.

If you would like to discuss the most appropriate scan, procedure and/or genetic counselling for your patient, you can contact us on the below contact form, email us at or call on 07 3120 4200.