Genetic counselling

Where talking it over creates a better understanding

Creating a whole new human being is complicated!

Whether you are planning your family, having your first pregnancy or doing it again, there is a lot of information about potential risks and what you can do. We believe that when you have the information you need (or want), you can feel more confident about your pregnancy and your plans.

What are the benefits of genetic counselling?

The primary role of a genetic counsellor is to help you understand complex medical information so that you are able to interpret results and risks in the way most relevant to you and your family.

We also have the experience and skills to support you to make decisions you feel confident are based on your situation and needs.

Our genetic counsellors can

Equip you with precise information
Equip you with precise information
Help you navigate your unique circumstances
Help you navigate your unique circumstances
Advise on available tests
Advise on available tests
Seeing a genetic counsellor can give you the opportunity to discuss your personal or family medical history in the context of your pregnancy, as well as options for or results of testing related to genetic conditions.

Who can see a genetic counsellor?

Anyone can see a genetic counsellor at SO+GI Scan – just mention that you would like to when arranging your appointment.

Genetic counselling consultations are included in some appointments as part of standard care. Otherwise, a separate appointment can be arranged. If you are unsure, please call and ask.

Why see a genetic counsellor?

Reasons for a genetic counselling consultation include to:
Answer a couple’s specific questions regarding:

How can a genetic counsellor help?

A genetic counsellor has a high degree of expertise in genetics and prenatal testing. They provide information, support and guidance to help you navigate unfamiliar territory with more confidence.

The genetic counsellor can take the time to discuss the information most important to you. After a discussion of the risk and options couples often feel reassured about their assessed level of risk following genetic counselling and are likely to feel more confident in their decision-making about screening and testing options.

How can a genetic counsellor help
Your genetic counsellor can:

These discussions are where you have time to ask questions and discuss your concerns fully. In some cases, we may refer you to other health professionals or community support groups for further advice or assistance.

Decisions regarding family planning can be discussed and options explored, however decisions are always yours to make, and therefore we recommend wherever possible that both parents attend. We are happy to support you to make decisions that are best for you and your family.

No matter what challenges you may be encountering, please know that we are here to provide support. We firmly believe that complex medical information does not need to be confusing. You deserve the time and support to understand your experience and feel confident in your decisions and your pregnancy.