So what is the placenta anyway?

What is it for? The placenta is the workhorse of the pregnancy. From the time of implantation to the hours after delivery of the baby, the placenta is working very hard to make sure the baby and mum remain healthy. Monitoring placental function and structure through maternal blood work and ultrasound imaging can allow your […]

The Fertility Cliff Myth

British reality TV star Kirstie Allsopp raised a number of eyebrows recently when she declared that women should skip university and a career to start having children in their 20s because women’s fertility “falls off a cliff when you’re 35.” Thousands of women who struggle with infertility will likely find this message and others like […]

SO+GI SCAN News – August 2016

Sogi Scan is open for routine NT scans, morphology and growth scans. The service is aimed at the working mum who has difficulty getting into routine appointments through the week. Speak with your doctor about an action plan in case of unexpected scan findings The patient out of pocket expenses for routine harmony NIPT at […]

SO+GI is moving to USB key image storage

Many patients have indicated that CD/DVD is out dated technology and have strongly requested to receive their still images on a USB key rather than a printed photo portfolio so they can share with friends and relatives on social media. As of February 1 2016 SO+GI will now be packaging your scan images onto a more user […]