The difference is
in the detail

Your reproductive health is supremely important and your pregnancy care should be second-to-none.

That’s why we exist. SO+GI Scan is Brisbane’s leading provider of specialised obstetric-gynaecological imaging and genetic counselling. 

We focus exclusively on those services. As a result, we have attained a high level of expertise that gives you confidence in our radiological opinion.

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Focused on your needs

We understand the heightened emotions that come with any tests concerning your pregnancy, fertility or gynaecological health. Few things ever feel more important than this. You need timely, trustworthy results and you also need considerate treatment throughout your visit.


The private and contemporary surroundings create a safe atmosphere that nurtures a sense of care and support.


We treat every woman with dignity, kindness and respect.


With us, you get immediate answers – no long, anxious wait for your results.


We speak in everyday language so you understand the results of your tests or procedures.

Situated in the vibrant centre of Brisbane's Fortitude Valley, our facility boasts a luxurious design aimed at crafting a warm and private atmosphere for every patient, complete with convenient parking options.
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Our services

At SO+GI Scan, we are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of quality and care in specialised obstetric and gynaecological imaging and genetic counselling.

We invest not only in high quality equipment but in capable and passionate sub specialised staff.

Where greater detail inspires greater confidence

Where answers matter most

Where every picture tells a story

Where talking it over creates a better understanding 

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Pregnancy Calculator

Click here to access the Pregnancy Calculator to predict your due date.

Our specialists

The SO+GI Scan team is led by our directors, Dr Bridget Sutton and Dr Stephen Sinnott, both experienced radiologists who work collaboratively with other specialists and GPs to deliver exceptional patient care.

Dr Bridget Sutton

Dr Sutton is a very charismatic radiologist who is passionate about gynaecological and obstetric ultrasound and MRI. Within the specialised field of women’s health, she has developed an excellent reputation in pelvic MRI including fibroid analysis, endometriosis and adolescent gynaecology. 

Dr. Bridget Sutton
Dr. Stephen Sinnott
Dr Stephen Sinnott

Dr Sinnott is a genuinely caring, friendly subspecialist radiologist in obstetrics and gynaecology with a wicked sense of humour. His wealth of experience and dedication to getting the right answer from his scans makes him a trusted resource for your treating doctor.